It is universally agreed that there are sicknesses and diseases which can affect children and can't affect adults and also, there are some other kinds of adult illnesses which don't affect the children. The reason for this unexplained potency has been a universal mystery. But, given the countless research which continues to be made on this issue by the tireless effort of the medical scientists have given us an insight to this and their explanation for this phenomena is that children are said to have more protective immune system than the normal adult, although this has continued to be an issue of debate.

The reason for this debate arose due to the fact that there are adults who stand more chance of resisting some diseases which children normally breakdown to, and so, it is not an agreed case that children have more protective immune system than their adult counterpart. However, it is an agreed concept that things like the genetics of the parents, the food the child eats and the environment of which the child lives can play a role in the child either being protected from illnesses or falling for such illness as well.

And this factor also goes for the adult as well. However, it has been proven that not all people are alike and depending on their parental traits, blood group, genotype and other makeup factors can actually determine the strength and weakness of the person. So, it should not come as a surprise to us when we see a person fall sick on the same thing the other person becomes strengthened on.

In the case of sleep disorder, it isn't really a diverse thing from what you have learned from the books. As a psychological expert, I can assuredly relate to you that there are some sleep disorders which affect the children more than the adult. It is well-known there is a host of many sleep disorders which one can develop as a result of his sleeping pattern, lifestyle, eating habits and some other habits which can cause this. This factors as well as go for the children as well but it is not all of the mentioned factors.

It is a universally accepted thing to say everybody snores and if one denies he or she has never snored in their lives, they are not going to be reluctant to point at someone who they know does. Both the children and the adults snore but it is more likely for the adult to develop a medical condition known as sleep apnea more than the children.

There is a host of many reasons of which this can be said to occur but the most accepted reason of this is that sleep apnea which is caused by chronic snoring is caused by a sudden collapse of the lungs during the sleeping hours or a sudden blockage of the tongue over the throat, thereby leading to a gasp for breath and this is more associated with the adults than the children because as the adult ages his organs become weaker and sometimes would not function with the efficacy of which it previously did, thereby causing these problems but the child organs is still healthy and functions well, so in cases as such it is rare for their windpipes to collapse like the adult.

However, there are sleeping disorders which are more associated with the children than the adults and one of these sleeping disorder is the Somnambulism also known as the sleeping walking disorder. The Somnambulism is more commonly associated with children than the adult. What happens during the sleepwalking is that the person wakes up even in that deep sleep that he may have fallen into and starts walking or doing some complex task which that person normally do when he is awake.

The disorder is more likely to occur in people who are sleep deprived than a normal person. When the person is in this stage of disorder it is very difficult to wake the person up and even after the person is awoken he cannot remember the things which might have conspired while he was sleepwalking. The reason for the cause of the disorder includes a chaotic sleep arrangement, sleep deficiency, drunkenness in the case of adults and even the use of certain mind inducing drugs can cause such occurrences.



There is a host of ways in which the sleepwalking illness can be treated and they include the use of medicinal applications such as Klonopin, ProSom, and Trazodone. Engaging in a series of mental visuals techniques can assist to end the sleepwalking disorder and having an anticipatory waking; which is waking the person up before the person may enter the stage of which he may begin to sleepwalk can help end the task.

There are other sleep disorders which can affect the children more than the adult and these others include the nightmare, bed-wetting the bed which could also be as a result of the family records, having a low bladder control problem like diabetes or even being in an emotional sorrow. In short, children are more likely to get insomnia as a result of pain, stress or emotional problems.

The nightmare which is a common sleep disorder associated with the children can result from stress, watching horror movies, taking hard drugs, emotional disturbances or imaginary fantasies of the child. The child is more likely to get nightmare disorder than an actual adult because of his tendency to be afraid more easily and take things at heart than an adult would. These things which he keeps in his mind can rule over his sleep and depending on the intensity of his fright, it might make the child not wanting to sleep again.

There are other causes of child sleeping disorders which could come from snoring issues as well but it can be treated with the children anti-snoring devices which can be found on this site . the child can be treated of these sleep disorders through the following ways which include good bedtime routines, controlling how long they watch TV and what they see on TV and getting them to have a good exercising at the kids' playground.